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Editor-in-Chief:  Gregory A. Barton
E-mail:  gabartonatbritishscholardotorg

Included on the Thomson Reuters Social Sciences Citation Index. 

2012 Impact Factor: .231. 

34th out of 69 journals listed in the History Category.

Welcome to the official online home of Britain and the World: Historical Journal of The British Scholar SocietyBritain and the World is a journal of ‘British World’ history.  The editors invite research articles, review essays, and book reviews from historians of all ranks on the ways in which Britain has interacted with other societies since the seventeenth century.  This focus on Britain’s global history is unique amongst all journals concerned with British history.

Each issue of Britain and the World consists of research articles, our Witness to History feature, a Round-Table book review, and numerous stand-alone book reviews.  Research articles are subjected to a rigorous double-blind peer-review process.  If you are interested in submitting your article for publication consideration please follow the submission instructions available at  In Witness to History we focus on the testimonies of people who were first-hand witnesses to Britain’s global interactions.  Our Round-Table takes a book of importance to the field and subjects it to review by three to five experts in the field with the author having an opportunity to reply.  The stand-alone book reviews are by individual experts in the field.  If the author of a book disagrees with a review published in Britain and the World, they have a right of reply in our section entitled Critical Response.  Review essays will also be considered for publication in the journal.

Britain and the World is published bi-annually by Edinburgh University Press (EUP) for The British Scholar Society.  You will find the new EUP webpages dedicated to Britain and the World at

If you have any questions about Britain and the World: Historical Journal of The British Scholar Society please do not hesitate to contact our Editor-in-Chief, Gregory Barton, at gabartonatbritishscholardotorg

The entire first issue of the journal (September 2008) is available for free at
For a limited time, EUP is making a number of additional journal articles available for free download on the Britain and the World webpages.  These free articles, with their associated links, are as follows:

Vol. I, Issue 2:  Mark Tauger, ‘The Indian Famine Crises of World War II’

Vol. II, Issue 1:  Benjamin Grob-Fitzgibbon, ‘Securing the Colonies for the Commonwealth: Counterinsurgency, Decolonization, and the Development of British Imperial Strategy in the Postwar Empire’

Vol. II, Issue 2:  Bernard Porter, ‘Architecture and Empire: the case of the ‘Battle of the Styles’, 1855-61′

Vol. III, Issue 1:  Tancred Bradshaw, ‘Arms and Influence: British arms policy and the decline of British influence in the Middle East, 1948-49′

Vol. III, Issue 2:  Adrian Howkins, ‘A Formal End to Informal Imperialism: Environmental Nationalism, Sovereignty Disputes, and the Decline of British Interests in Argentina, 1933-1955′

Vol. IV, Issue 1:  T. M. Devine, ‘Did Slavery make Scotia great?’

Vol. IV, Issue 2:  Gregory A. Barton, ‘Monarchy and the World’

Vol. V, Issue 1:  Stefan Petrow, ‘Civilizing Mission: Animal Protection in Hobart, 1878-1914′

Vol. V, Issue 1:  Gregory A. Barton, ‘The British World Model of World History’

Vol. V, Issue 2:  Juan Cole, ‘Iraq in 1939: British Alliance or Nationalist Neutrality toward the Axis?’

Vol. V, Issue 2:  Mark Hampton and James R. Fichter, ‘The Cultural British World: Asia in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries’

Vol. VI, Issue 1:  Sue Onslow, ‘The Man on the Spot: Christopher Soames and Decolonisation of Zimbabwe/Rhodesia’

Vol. VI, Issue 1:  Gregory A. Barton, ‘The History Magna Carta’

We invite you to explore these free articles today.  If you would like to receive online access to both the archived and current issues of the journal, please become a member of The British Scholar Society by visiting  Membership is $52 per year and includes 2 print copies of the journal as well as online access to all issues.

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Mark Tauger’s article in Britain and the World: Historical Journal of The British Scholar Society wins Prestigious Award

Mark Tauger, Associate Professor of History at West Virginia University, has won the prestigious Wayne D. Rasmussen Award for the best article on Agricultural History not published in the journal Agricultural History. The award is given annually by the Agricultural History Society, the third oldest discipline-based professional organization in the United States. Mark’s winning article, entitled ‘The Indian Famine Crises of World War II’, appeared in the March 2009 issue of the journal. The British Scholar Society would like to congratulate Mark on this fantastic achievement.