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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Peter Clarke’s Documentary on Churchill the Writer

Professor Peter Clarke discusses his newest book on Winston Churchill and his literary career. Clarke’s main focus is on Churchill’s writing of the monumental A History of the English-Speaking Peoples.

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Sell It to Save It!: English Heritage and The Quadriga Gallery

Op-Ed Columnist Rebecka Black looks at English Heritage’s use of the new Quadriga Gallery at central London’s Wellington Arch to fund the complete revitalization of the Stonehenge site.

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Great Britain and the UN Committee of 24

Op-Ed Columnist Helene von Bismarck reflects on the UN Committee of 24 and the role it played in the process of decolonization.

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Musical horrors: Eurovision, The Proms, and popular forgetting

Op-Ed Columnist Michael Talbot takes on the subject of why people selectively remember the past; choosing to forget or gloss over the awful bits in a country’s history.

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Roads to Nowhere

Op-Ed Columnist Mark Doyle calls into question Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent announcement that the British should turn to the example of the Victorians when improving the country’s road network.

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