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Monthly Archives: February 2012

February 2012

The February 2012 Newsletter is now available. It includes information on tomorrow’s Lecture Series event in Wales, the 2012 Conference Programme, Conference Registration, and our February Op-Ed Columns.

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February 2012: Brendan Simms’ “Three Victories and a Defeat: The Rise and Fall of the First British Empire”

Jeremy Black reviews the February 2012 Book of the Month selection by Brendan Simms for The British Scholar Society.

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February 2012: John K. Walton

John K. Walton, Research Professor at IKERBASQUE: the Basque Foundation for Science, Department of Contemporary History, University of the Basque Country, is our Featured Scholar for February 2012

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The National Union of Students

Op-Ed Columnist Jodi Burkett analyzes the oft-neglected National Union of Students and explains that their archives are a wealth of information on contemporary student attitudes to numerous issues including empire and the state of British society.

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Women and Empire – Mary Wollstonecraft

Op-Ed Columnist Allegra Geller reflects on the fascinating life of one of the English-speaking world’s first feminist writers, Mary Wollstonecraft.

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Conference 2012 Draft Programme

2012 Britain and the World Conference Draft Programme Thursday, 21 June 2012 10:00 – 11:15:  Teviot Lecture Theatre Gale, Cengage Learning Lecture Chair: T. M. Devine, University of Edinburgh.  Introduced by Bryan S. Glass, General Editor of The British Scholar Society Alvin Jackson, University of Edinburgh:  “The Two Unions:  Ireland, Scotland and the Survival of […]

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Beyond Love-Hate: Rethinking the British-Polish Relationship

Columnist Leslie Rogne Schumacher investigates British-Polish rapport over the past 150 years and argues that despite some high-profile problems concerning immigration, it is a strong and enduring relationship.

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Depicting The War in War Horse

The new movie War Horse inspired Op-Ed Columnist Rebecka Black to reflect on the horrors of World War I through the paintings of the soldier-artists who lived through that most brutal of conflicts.

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The Search for a Western Identity

Op-Ed Columnist Helene von Bismarck looks for a definition of what it means to be “western” in an era engulfed by economic and geopolitical uncertainty.

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A Crusade against The Crusades

Op-Ed Columnist Michael Talbot rails against historically-sloppy television documentaries. Providing numerous examples, he offers a formula for doing historical documentaries right while keeping them interesting.

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