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David Atkinson MP (1940-2012)

A stalwart supporter of The British Scholar Society passed away on Sunday, 22 January 2012 after battling cancer.  David Atkinson was a former Member of Parliament for the Bournemouth East constituency between 1977 and 2005.  During his time in Parliament David served on the Council of Europe where he took an active role in promoting human rights around the world.  In an age of caustic, partisan politics, David always believed in doing what was right.  But following your conscience will not put you in power and David stayed on the backbenches his entire career.  David did, however, enjoy great success abroad as the Council of Europe’s special rapporteur for the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation.  He was also the very first British backbench MP to address the United Nations General Assembly.  At home, David’s compassion extended to all creatures with his vote to ban fox hunting and his ongoing concerns for the environment, which included securing a £4.5 million grant to help save Hengistbury Head.

At The British Scholar Society we will remember David fondly for his kindness in providing us with our very first “Witness to History” feature.  The September 2008 issue of our journal included his article entitled “UN Reform: A Regional Approach Towards World Peace”.  In this article, David argued that the United Nations could be successful at implementing world peace by emulating the work of the Council of Europe.  In the wake of his passing, the Society is making this persuasive article available to read for free on our website by clicking here.

They certainly do not make many MPs like David Atkinson.  Here’s hoping that his incorruptible spirit becomes the model for future politicians to follow.  If, or as David would say when, that happens the world will be a much better place.

Rest in peace, David.

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