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December 2011

In this issue:

I.   Introducing our new Op-Ed Columnists
II.  Announcing Competitive Britain and the World Conference Bursaries
III. In case you missed it…The British Scholar Society Promises to Review all Article Submissions in Two Months
IV.  A new volume in our Britain and the World Book Series is Now Available
V.   CALL FOR PAPERS: Fighting for Britain? Negotiating identities in Britain during the Second World War
VI.  Book of the Month
VII. Featured Scholar

I.  Introducing our new Op-Ed Columnists

We are pleased to announce that beginning next month The British Scholar Society website will feature seven new op-ed columnists.  They will give us their opinions on any and all topics related to Britain’s interactions with the World from the seventeenth century to the present day.  Our op-ed columnists are:

Rebecka Black
Dr. Jodi Burkett
Professor Mark Doyle
Allegra Geller
Leslie Rogne Schumacher
Michael Talbot
Dr. des.  Helene von Bismarck

You will begin to see their columns appear just after the first of the year so make sure to check our website often for updates.

II. Announcing Competitive Britain and the World Fellowships

Beginning with our forthcoming 2012 Conference in Edinburgh, The British Scholar Society will offer three (3) competitive fellowships that will waive the registration fee to attend the conference.  The competition is open to any students and faculty who have been accepted to present a paper at the conference.  Applicants for the fellowship must submit an article version of their paper to editoratbritishscholardotorg  (editoratbritishscholardotorg)   no later than 31 March 2012 to be considered.  By applying for the fellowship your paper will be automatically entered in the competition for the Wm. Roger Louis Prize.  In addition, all three winners of the fellowship will have their papers submitted to the Britain and the World journal for publication consideration, they will be listed on our website as Fellows of The British Scholar Society, and they will be eligible for a discounted membership rate for life.  The British Scholar Society looks forward to receiving your fellowship applications.

III.  In case you missed it…The British Scholar Society Promises to Review all Article Submissions in Two Months

On 4 December, the General Editor of The British Scholar Society, Bryan Glass, posted ‘A Manifesto on Academic Integrity’ on our newly redesigned Society website.  The manifesto, available at, promises that all article submissions for Britain and the World: Historical Journal of The British Scholar Society, will be reviewed within two months of receipt.  At The British Scholar Society we understand that the pressure of the ‘publish or perish’ atmosphere in academia has only worsened as the world economy enters its fourth year in the doldrums.  Therefore, we want to do our part in lessening the pressure associated with publishing by reviewing articles in a timely manner.

If you would like to submit an article for publication consideration please send it to our Managing Editor, Karly Kehoe, at karlydotkehoeatbritishscholardotorg  (karlydotkehoeatbritishscholardotorg)  .  We wish you the best of luck with all of your writing projects in 2012.

IV.  A new volume in our Britain and the World Book Series is Now Available

British Diplomacy and the Descent into Chaos: The Career of Jack Garnett, 1902-19 by John Fisher was published earlier this month by Palgrave Macmillan.  Here is a description of the book from Palgrave Macmillan:

‘In his diplomatic career, from 1902–19, Jack Garnett served widely overseas during a period of dramatic change in international politics and in Britain’s role on the world stage. In this book, John Fisher reveals Garnett as a fascinating individual: head-strong, indiscreet, and accident-prone. Garnett’s early career was promising, but he left the Diplomatic Service under a cloud. Tired of the ‘old diplomacy’, he desired a holistic approach to the management of Britain’s overseas interests. Then, attracted by notions of constructive imperialism after the First World War, he undertook social work, before returning to the family seat in Lancashire. His correspondence provides local and overseas perspectives on British foreign policy and is full of insights into life lived in embassies and legations. Fisher uses Garnett’s story to illuminate key issues in British overseas interests, including consular representation and the promotion of British commerce, as well as previously neglected subjects such as diplomats’ wives, travel, and expatriate communities.’

More information about this third title in our book series is available at  Also, remember that if you are a Member of The British Scholar Society you are entitled to a 20% discount on all history titles published by Palgrave Macmillan.  To become a Member please visit our Membership webpage at and pay securely through Paypal.  We hope you will enjoy reading British Diplomacy and the Descent into Chaos and we encourage you to submit your monograph proposals to our series.  Information on submitting proposals is available on our book series webpage at


V.   CALL FOR PAPERS: Fighting for Britain? Negotiating identities in Britain during the Second World War

The Centre for the Study of the Two World Wars
University of Edinburgh
28-29 June 2012

The Second World War is often seen as constituting a high-water mark of Britishness: a time when a strong sense of nationhood bound together England, Scotland and Wales; when the British were represented as one people, united by a sense of common identity and purpose. Yet, as the work of Sonya Rose suggests, the wartime drive for unity was continually subject to challenge and contestation on the grounds of national, ethnic, gender and geographic difference. This conference aims to address Britain as a multi-national state, recovering diversity and exploring the ways in which Wales, Scotland and England related to the overarching concept of Britishness. The conference will also explore the relationship between Ireland and Britain during the war, in particular Irish citizens who volunteered to serve in the British forces.

We welcome proposals for individual 20 minute papers as well as submissions for panels of three speakers and a Chair. Possible topics and panels may include but are not limited to:

  • competing national and regional identities within Britain at a time of war
  • identity formation amongst servicemen and women in the British forces
  • the Irish contribution (North and South)
  • the maintenance of civilian/domestic identities
  • gender identities
  • ethnicity
  • objection to war

There will be an invited panel of experts including Dr Jeremy Crang (Edinburgh), Professor Brian Girvin (Glasgow), Dr Martin Johnes (Swansea) and Professor Gary Sheffield (Birmingham) who will address the experiences of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England at war respectively.

The conference will take place on Friday 29 June 2012. On the evening of Thursday 28 June, the Centre for the Study of the Two World Wars will host a wine reception at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. This will form part of a cultural event, The Warrior Poet: a Multinational Perspective on the Second World War.

Please send abstracts of no more than 300 words to Anne Brockington, Secretary of the Centre for the Study of the Two World Wars:  href="annedotbrockingtonateddotacdotuk" target="_blank">annedotbrockingtonateddotacdotuk
Deadline:  29 February 2012

Further information on the conference will be posted on the Centre for the Study of the Two World Wars website in due course,
Conference organisers: Dr Wendy Ugolini (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Juliette Pattinson (Strathclyde University)

Centre for the Study of the Two World Wars
School of History, Classics and Archaeology
William Robertson Wing
Old Medical School
Teviot Place

Email: cstwwateddotacdotuk  (cstwwateddotacdotuk)  
Tel: 0131 651 1254
Fax: 0131 650 4042

VI.  Book of the Month – December 2011

VII. Featured Scholar – December 2011

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