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August 2011

In this issue:

I.     New Preface Documentary on Thatcher Now Available on YouTube
II.   Introducing our new free Online Seminars – Sign Up Today!
III.  Call for Papers: 2012 British Scholar Conference (Britain and the World)
IV.  New British Scholar Stores
V.    Book Series Update
VI.  Book of the Month
VII. Featured Scholar

 I.   New Preface Documentary on Thatcher Now Available on YouTube

Our newest Preface documentary features Dr. Martin Farr of Newcastle University discussing how Margaret Thatcher changed the British political landscape by taking inspiration from American philosophers and politicians.  The documentary is available by visiting The British Scholar Society’s YouTube webpage at

Thatcher’s legacy will be further analyzed through Dr. Farr’s free Online Seminar “Margaret Thatcher’s Britain: Convictions and Conflict”. Please sign up for the free Online Seminar today by visiting

II.  Introducing our new free Online Seminars – Sign Up Today!

Free Online Seminars are the newest addition to the educational services offered by The British Scholar Society.  Each Online Seminar is comprised of three one-hour lectures on a specific topic by an expert in the field.  All that you need to do in order to take part in the lecture, which includes streaming audio and video, is Register for the course at the Online Seminar webpage (  Registration is available simply by providing your name and email address.  Since these lectures will be given live on the dates and times listed, participation from registrants is greatly encouraged.  One book will be assigned for each of the lectures. If you would like to purchase the books from Amazon we run British Scholar Amazon Shops for both Britain and the U.S.  By purchasing the books through our online Amazon stores you will help support the non-profit educational activities of The British Scholar Society into the future and allow us to keep the Seminars free of charge.

Dr. Martin Farr of Newcastle University will present the first three-lecture Online Seminar this fall entitled “Margaret Thatcher’s Britain: Convictions and Conflict”.  Sign up today for Dr. Farr’s Seminar and remember to purchase the books from our Amazon Shops.  Links for our Amazon Shops are located at the bottom of the Online Seminar page and through the “Shop” webpage at

 III.  Call for Papers: 2012 British Scholar Conference (Britain and the World)

This serves as a call for papers for the fifth annual British Scholar Conference. The conference will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland from Thursday, 21 June through Saturday, 23 June, 2012.  This marks the first time that the conference will take place away from Austin, Texas, and the British Scholar Society is pleased to announce that it will be hosted by the School of History, Classics, and Archaeology and the Scottish Centre for Diaspora Studies at the University of Edinburgh.  Papers will focus on British interactions with the world from the seventeenth century to the present and will highlight the importance of British history from a global perspective.  Beginning in 2012 the British Scholar Conference will also be known as the Britain and the World Conference to mirror the names of our journal, published by Edinburgh University Press, and book series, published by Palgrave Macmillan. Established scholars, scholars at the beginning of their careers, and graduate students are welcome to apply and present at the conference.

Confirmed speakers for the conference include Professor Alvin Jackson, Professor James Belich, and Professor Brian Levack.  Alvin Jackson is the Richard Lodge Professor of History at the University of Edinburgh.  He also serves as the Head of the School of History, Classics, and Archaeology.  Professor Jackson will present the Opening Lecture on Thursday 21 June.  James Belich holds the Beit Professorship in Commonwealth and Imperial History at Oxford University.  He will deliver the second Frank M. Turner Memorial Lecture.  Brian Levack is the John E. Green Regents Professor in History at the University of Texas at Austin.  He will deliver the Global Britain Lecture on Saturday, 23 June. More information about these lectures as well as the announcement of the Keynote Address will appear in our Newsletter in the months ahead.  To receive our free monthly newsletter please sign up by visiting, enter your e-mail address at the top, and click Subscribe.

The third annual Wm. Roger Louis Prize, awarded to the best paper delivered at the British Scholar Annual Conference, will also be announced on 23 June.  The Prize is worth $1000 and the winning paper will be published in the March 2013 issue of Britain and the World: Historical Journal of The British Scholar Society, published by Edinburgh University Press.

The British Scholar Annual Conference will include our Conference Icebreaker on Thursday night, 21 June, our Dinner Party on Friday night, 22 June, as well as a Real Ale Event at an Edinburgh Brewery on Saturday night, 23 June.  These events will provide numerous opportunities for networking and merrymaking in the brilliantly beautiful capital city of Edinburgh.

The conference accepts both individual paper and complete panel submissions. Submissions of individual papers should include an abstract of 150-300 words as well as a few descriptive keywords. Panels are expected to consist of three to four papers and should be submitted by one person who is willing to serve as the point of contact.  Complete panels must also include a chair/discussant.  In addition to abstracts for each individual paper, panel submissions should also include a brief 100-150 word introduction describing the panel’s main theme. The conference does not discriminate between panels and individual paper submissions.

All submissions for inclusion in the British Scholar Annual Conference must be received by Monday, 10 October 2011. Decisions on inclusion will be made by Friday, 2 December 2011.
Submissions should be made electronically to editoratbritishscholardotorg. Updates regarding the conference will be periodically posted to the British Scholar website. It is hoped that participants will be able to call upon their departments for hotel and transportation expenses.

Information on hotel accommodation and conference registration will be forthcoming. It should be noted that becoming a member of The British Scholar Society entitles you to a discounted registration rate. Membership in The British Scholar Society for 2011 is available on the British Scholar website by visiting our membership page at  Membership for 2012 will be available from 2 December.  If you have any questions about the forthcoming conference, please contact the Conference Organizing Committee directly at conferenceatbritishscholardotorg.

IV.  New British Scholar Stores

As mentioned above in the Online Seminars announcement, The British Scholar Society has opened both British and U.S. Amazon stores (links to both stores are available at Books assigned for the Society’s free Online Seminars are available through both stores.  The stores also include numerous books that focus on Britain’s interactions with the world from the seventeenth century to the present.  Amongst these selections are titles from the Britain and the World book series published for The British Scholar Society by Palgrave Macmillan.  By purchasing through our stores you will help fund the educational activities of the Society including the Online Seminars, the Preface Documentary Series, the Newsletter, the Book of the Month, Featured Scholar, and our new Lecture Series.

Your financial help is vital to our mission of investigating Britain’s global interactions.  We believe that these global interactions hold the key to increasing interest in British history in schools, universities, and amongst the general public in all parts of the world.  So remember the next time you need to purchase something on Amazon please click through to their website via our store fronts.  You’ll get what you want and help The British Scholar Society in the process.

Thank you for your support!

V.  Book Series Update

The British Scholar Society’s Britain and the World book series launched its first volume in May with the publication of Benjamin Grob-Fitzgibbon’s Imperial Endgame.  Before the end of the year we expect to see the appearance of two new volumes in the series.  They are:

1. Science and Empire: Knowledge of Networks of Science across the British Empire, 1800-1970, edited by Brett Bennett and Joseph Hodge
Publication Date:  14 October 2011

2. British Diplomacy and the Descent into Chaos: The Career of Jack Garnett, 1902-19, John Fisher
Publication Date:  9 December 2011

To read more about these books please visit our series page on the Palgrave Macmillan website at

We are always looking for new monographs and anthologies to publish so if you are working on a project that fits into Britain and the World please send us an e-mail at editoratbritishscholardotorg  (editoratbritishscholardotorg)  .  For more information and how to complete a proposal submission please visit our book series website at

Remember, if you have yet to purchase a copy of Imperial Endgame we encourage you to do it today through one of our two Amazon stores, which again are available by visiting

VI.   Book of the Month







VII. Featured Scholar







Professor Keith Wrightson

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