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Preface:  Winston Churchill the Writer

Preface: Margaret Thatcher’s World

Preface: Benjamin Grob-Fitzgibbon

We are pleased to introduce Preface, the new documentary series from The British Scholar Society.  Preface provides short documentaries on subjects related to Britain’s interactions with the wider world.  The first documentary in the series is by Benjamin Grob-Fitzgibbon and it examines Britain’s counterinsurgency wars at the end of empire.  The second documentary is Martin Farr discussing Margaret Thatcher’s World.  Other forthcoming documentaries include:

  1. Martin Farr:  The Labour Party’s Complicity in the Bombing of German Civilians during the Second World War
  2. Bruce Hunt:  The Long and Fascinating History of the Telegraph
  3. A. G. Hopkins: America as Britain’s Honorary Dominion

We hope you’ll enjoy the first three entries in the Preface series, and we encourage you to subscribe to The British Scholar channel on YouTube today at to be the first to learn about new documentaries as they become available.

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