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Archive, Museums, Libraries

United States

1.  Folger Library

Independent research library in Washington D.C. with world’s largest collection of Shakespeare’s printed works as well as significant holdings from the early modern period.

2.  Harry Ransom Center

Research center that specializes in English literature and film archives.

3.  Huntington Library

California center that features extensive holding in early modern English literature and the history of science.

4.  Library of Congress

National library of the United States.

5.  Newberry Library

Chicago library with major holdings in Anglo-American history.

6.  William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, University of California Los Angeles

UCLA library with rare English books and manuscripts from 1600 to 1900.

United Kingdom

1.  Access to Archives

Aggregate search site for archives in the United Kingdom.

2.  Archives Hub

Aggregate search site and commentary page for archives in the United Kingdom.

3.  Archives in London and the M25 area

Aggregate site for archives in the greater London area.

4.  Archives Wales

Archives site for library system of Wales.

5.  British Library

Repository of United Kingdom publications and manuscripts located in London.

6.  Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House

Research library at University of Oxford.

7.  Janus: Archives at Cambridge

Aggregate search site for libraries and centers at University of Cambrdige.

8.  Mass Observation Archive, Sussex

Archive specializing in social history and the history of everyday life.

9.  Mundus Gateway: Gateway to missionary collections in the United Kingdom

Aggregate site for research libraries and manuscripts collections regarding missionaries.

10. National Archives

National Archives of the United Kingdom located in Kew.

11. National Archives of Scotland

National Archives of Scotland located in Edinburgh.

12. National Maritime Museum

Maritime museum and research center located on grounds of Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

13. Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

Archives of Northern Ireland located in Belfast.

14. Rothschild Archive

Center for research in the famous family’s collections.

15. Royal Society

World’s oldest continuous scientific society and library.

16. Women’s Library, London Metropolitan University

Women’s history library featuring rare books, manuscripts and pamphlets.













1.  National Archives of Australia

National Archives of Australia located in Canberra.


1. Libraries and Archives, Canada

National archives and library system of Canada.



Hong Kong

1.  Government Records Service, Hong Kong

Link to Hong Kong’s Public Records Office.


1 . National Archives of India

National Archives of India with centers in Bhopal, Jaipur, Bhubaneswar and Pondicherry.

2.  Nehru Memorial Museum & Library

Library and research center focusing on the Indian independence movement.



1.  National Archives of Ireland

National Archives of Ireland located in Dublin.

2.  National Library of Ireland

National Library of Ireland located in Dublin.

New Zealand

1.  National Archives of New Zealand

National Archives of New Zealand located in Wellington.


1.  National Archives of Singapore

National Archives of Singapore.

Sri Lanka

1.  Department of National Archives, Sri Lanka

National Archives of Sri Lanka located in Colombo.

South Africa

1.  National Archives and Record Service of South Africa

National Archives of South Africa located in Pretoria.

Primary Documents

1.  Anglo-American Legal Tradition

Collection of legal documents from the UK National Archives displayed by the O’Quinn Law Library at the University of Houston.

2.  British History Online

Institute of Historical Research site that contains primary and secondary source text from the medieval to modern periods.

3.  Charles Booth Online Archive

Searchable collection of Booth archive at London School of Economics.

4.  Convict Transportation Registers Database – State Library of Queensland

British Home Office database of convicts transported to Australia.

5.  Darwin Correspondence Project

Digitized versions of over 6,000 letters from Charles Darwin’s collection.

6.  Domesday Book Online

Digitized version of survey initiated by William the Conqueror.

7.  Early English Books Online

Over 100,000 digitized books from medieval and early modern England.

8.  Geoffrey Chaucer Online: The Electronic Canterbury Tales

Online collection of Chaucer’s writings.

9.  Hansard – Parliamentary reports online (1803-2005)

Official reports of debates in the Houses of Parliament.

10. Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Online collection of primary sources from medieval Europe for use in teaching.

11. Internet Modern History Sourcebook

Online collection of primary sources from modern Europe and America for use in teaching.

12. Nineteenth-Century Serials Online

Facsimile and search options for several periodicals including Unitarian Chronicle and English Woman’s Journal.

13. The Penny Magazine

Publication of the Society for Diffusion of Useful Knowledge aimed at the working class during the 1830s.

14. Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913

Online collection of proceedings from London court.

15. UK Press Online

Archive page for British tabloids, including the Daily Express, Daily Mirror and Daily Star.


1.  British Social Policy, 1601-1948

Chronological outline of developments in British social policy.

2.  C 18 – L: Resources for 18th-century studies across the disciplines

Online forum concerned with history from 1660 to 1830.

3.  Eighteenth-Century Resources Page, Rutgers University

Links page to web resources on the eighteenth century.

4.  Great Britain Historical Geographical Information System

Online database of British census reports, including birth, marriage and death rates.

5.  History in Focus

Institute of Historical Research site for special issue journals on specific topics ranging from “Welfare” to “Empire.”

6.  India and its Neighbors

Online narrative site that studies the history and culture of the subcontinent.

7.  Liberalism, Socialism and the Progressive Alliance in Britain, c. 1880-1914

Online bibliography of primary and secondary sources for late Victorian and Edwardian politics.

8.  Making Britain: Discover how South Asians shaped the nation, 1870-1950

Project examines the influence of South Asians on Britain’s literary, political and cultural life.

9.  Slavery, Emancipation, and Abolition Resource Page

Online encyclopedia and resource page for study of slavery, abolition and emancipation.

10. The Story of Workhouses

Resource site for study of workhouses and Poor Law.

11. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database

Online narrative and resource site for study of slave trade.

12. Urbanization in Britain: 1780-1914

Online tutorial for students.

13. Victorian Literary Studies Archive

Links page for bibliographies and online sources in Victorian Studies.

14. Victorian Women Writers Project

Indiana University’s digital collection of poems, novels, and pamphlets written by Victorian women.

15. W.T. Stead Resource Site

Online collection of famous journalist.

16. Women in Scottish History

Online finding aid and resource site for the history of women in Scotland.

17. WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier

Blog featuring transcripts of letters by a First World War British soldier.

18. 1911 Census

Online version of Britain’s 1911 census.

19. Diary of a Boer War Veteran

Diary of John William Milne of the Gordon Highlanders.

20. Legacies of British Slave-ownership

Database of British slave-owners in the Caribbean.

21. Multitext Project in Irish History

University College Cork site providing text and pictures for the study of Irish history.

22. Strait Through: Magellan to Cook & the Pacific

Guide to explorers of the early modern period.


1.  A Vision of Britain through Time

Geographic based search engine that can provide all historic images and statistics of a specific location available on the web.

2.  British Library, Online Gallery

Over 30,000 images from BL collection, including books, manuscripts and books.

3.  British Universities Film & Video Council

Massive collection of radio and television broadcasts, including cinema newsreels and television broadcast schedules.

4.  Crystal Palace Animation

Computerized video of interior and exterior of the now gone Crystal Palace exhibition center.

5.  Gallery of Medieval Buildings in the United Kingdom

Online gallery of medieval buildings in modern Britain.

6.  Queen Victoria: Images of Her World

Pictures of Queen, family, and court.

7.  Royal Commonwealth Society Photograph Project

Cambridge University Library collection of images from Empire.


Assistant General Editor Robert Whitaker compiled this list for us.

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